domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010


. Oblivion.
My soul, broken.


from myself.
Thought, stillbirth; "for the sound of crow".

Crow, on midden, it makes me look: Scree.

He contemplates. Not from outside but from within.
Words deepens the bond,
meat and fire in iron,
in heart,
... Us mere touch sensations
This life... Feel it, breathe it: Geodesic
Restricted Relativity is leaving late for the meeting expected, General Relativity is you know it's not tightening enter, but the Universe.
.Prophet quote -.
Good times gonna come, left behind".
My room is a small medieval laboratory. Full of books, small equipments, a surfboard and a Crowley-Harris tarot for self-analysis symbolist-deductible.

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